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Tips for Getting the Right Expert for Spinal Stenosis Exercises

Many elderly people often suffer from spinal stenosis due to many reasons. If you have an elderly person who feels pain on their lower back, upper thighs and buttocks, it means they could be suffering from spinal stenosis. This is a common thing in elderly people but it is manageable. Although surgery can be taken as an option to treat this condition, exercises are quite effective for the same. Some medical research shows that physical therapy can help just like surgery would do for spinal stenosis. Again, exercises are preferred because they have less complications when it comes to the elderly people. The following are some helpful spinal stenosis exercises that your elderly person can do for relief and management of this condition.

The first type of exercise for this condition that can help a patient is seated lumbar flexion. When it comes to this exercise, exercises that need to be done have to be focused on bending or flexion of the patient’s lower back. This can help to treat spinal stenosis for your loved one. This type of exercise usually helps to decompress the vertebrae that is at the lower back. In addition, it normally helps the patient to experience less nerve pinching that usually causes a lot of pain. Therefore, it is critical that you help your loved one to do this exercise.

The steps for doing seated lumbar flexion are done as follows. The patient must sit on a bench or chair straight up. Their feet ought to be flat and the toes should always face forward. When seated on this position, you can slowly bend your body forward starting from the waist. Do not stretch a lot, but your goal ought to reach the floor with your hands. This position ought to be maintained for up to three seconds, then go back to the initial position. These steps must be repeated ten times for the patient to feel relieved.

The other exercise that is good for spinal stenosis is the pelvic tilt. This is another exercise that is gentle and usually assists elderly people suffering from this problem. The purpose of doing this type of exercise is to strengthen the core muscles and also the lower back. When these muscles are strengthened, they in turn become strong to provide the needed support to the patient’s spine. This usually helps to decrease the symptoms experienced by spinal stenosis patients.

When doing this exercise, one needs to lie on the bed on their back. The arms ought to be at the sides and the legs must be straight. Ensure that the patient is comfortable and then start pulling their legs up as the bend their knees towards the stomach. The feet of the patient must be flat on the bench or bed. At this point, the pelvis ought to be tilted backwards by engaging the stomach muscles. Ensure that your loved one remains like that for up to three seconds, then back to the original position. Ten repetitions ought to be done every day for quick relief.

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