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Metrology Services – Why Measuring Things Are So Important

Automotive Metrology services offer precision parts measuring abilities. Metric measurement expertise ranges from basic measurements, like liner edge finish, to much more complicated measurements, like engine camshaft profile. The precision of a metrologist’s performance can be determined by the amount of time that he or she has been in business, the quality of training and the integrity of their products and services.

One of the most popular metrology services is calibration. Calibration is an important element of manufacturing quality control. It involves the measurement of an object’s dimensional accuracy using a specific measuring instrument. Common materials being tested for dimension accuracy include; automotive roll labels, performance indicators, performance meters, seals, radiators, fuel injectors, fuel lines, seals, fluids and gaskets, shaft seals, and other fittings. These are but a few of the items that are regularly measured and calibrated.

A qualified metrology services provider will perform a variety of other services besides calibration. These other services range from preventive maintenance and repair work to emergency maintenance and repair work. If your industry is considering a metrology lab, it is vitally important that your selected provider has the appropriate level of metrology equipment and qualified personnel to perform these important services.

The process of calibration involves establishing a specific Gage measurement and creating a duplicate version. To ensure the accuracy of your measurements, you should select a qualified and certified metrology services provider with personnel available who are experienced and skilled in performing these tasks. You should also require your metrology provider to perform a battery of tests on the quality of your products and materials, particularly on raw materials and components. Other items that will help you determine the quality of your manufacturer’s materials include; looking at the mill scale weight of each material being used and verifying that the weights are within specification limits.

Calibration, as mentioned above, is one of the main factors used to determine the value of your materials. It can also determine the value of your customers’ purchases and/or the value of your service or product performance. If you are unable to meet metrology services standards, you will receive an inability to sell your goods or services. In addition to these negative effects, inaccurate measurements can lead to warranty claims, product recalls and monetary losses.

By using high quality metrology services equipment and personnel, you can eliminate the need for frequent measurement checks. Measuring devices can be either mechanical or electronic and they can be used for a variety of purposes including; load, station, fixture, and bore setting measurements. You may even find that certain metrology instruments have more precision than others and as a result, have greater sensitivity for taking the accurate measurements. For example, an instrument capable of detecting and measuring small mechanical loads such as those associated with the movement of mechanical parts in motors, would be able to measure much smaller loads than those capable of detecting loads associated with heavy loads such as those that are created when furniture is moved. All in all, metrology equipment ensures that the quality of the measurements is of the highest level and that they are reliable, timely and highly accurate.

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