Improve Indoor Air Quality

As a result of the Corona virus outbreak, the government has recommended working, studying and worshiping from home. This is done to break the chain of person-to-person transmission of Covid-19. If you must stay at home, then fresh air in the house is very important. Here are 5 ways you can improve air quality at home during work from home:

Ventilate the appropriate room and open windows
The ventilation is made to reduce humidity in the house. Make ventilation in certain places such as rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The ventilation allows steam to escape from the bathroom, heating services preventing mold growth. The ventilation also allows for air exchange and reduces the level of nitrogen dioxide generated from the gas stove.

The air outside the house can indeed make the house dusty. However, make no mistake, opening a window in the morning can freshen the air in the house as well as reduce humidity in the presence of incoming light. The trick is, after closing the window, then you can sweep or mop the floor.

Putting plants indoors
Live plants can be very effective at cleaning indoor air. Plants can provide air filters that beat even other modern equipment. During the day, plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making your room fresher. But remember, you have to remove the plants in your bedroom at night, because plants will produce carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen at night.

There are several air purifier plants that you can put in a corner, on a wall shelf, or hang by a window. For example, palm plants, lilies, spider plants (chicken feathers), aloe vera, or ferns. These plants can get rid of carbon dioxide so that more oxygen. Even these plants have the potential to reduce chemical substances from gas stoves.

Choose a cleaning fluid that is free of harmful chemicals
Chemicals in cleaning fluids can stick to furniture or areas that have just been cleaned, so residue can contaminate the surrounding air.One important point that is often overlooked, do not choose a cleaning liquid that can cause burns.

Keep the room clean
Maintaining cleanliness is always one effective way to avoid all diseases and pollution, such as clean floors, furniture, ventilation, cooling-services, curtains, and so on. The air conditioner must also be cleaned regularly, so that no dust is blown and scattered in the room.