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Etiquettes That You Should Keep in Mind When Handling a US Flag

For your as a citizen it matters to respect and be proud of the symbols of unity. In marking the special day in the nation calendar, the use of the flag is vital. For the upcoming national days, having your own flag would help to mark the history. However, while having the flag is an essential thing, there are some special aspects that you should consider in handling the same.

There is a need to know that a flag a symbol of national unity should command respect from every citizen of this country. If you can learn all of the things that the US flag entails it would be great for you when it comes to showing etiquette. If you would like to know the things that you should have a look at when holding the US flag, it would be vital for you to have a look at this article.

One of the things that you will learn about handling the US flag is that it has a set of codes to govern how the people can handle it at any given time. With these instructions you learn how the flag should not be used at any given time. In handling the flag, it should not be dipped into anything or a person. You can’t hold the flag upside down unless you are showcasing the sign of distress. The flag cent be part of clothing, drapery of even decoration. The lower side of the flag should be free from any object and hence it should not touch anything. The flag should always remain pure such that no mark, sign or anything should get attached to it. For the advertisement plans, use of US flag is out of bound. It is great to discover more things that you should avoid with the US flag when it comes to flag code of conduct.

The code also emphasizes on ways to keep your US flag clean and mended at all times. If you want to keep the best flag, you should read more now how you can clean it and keep it in the best shape possible. If you want to display a flag in a building there is a guideline on how you should be able to do the same. As not all of the displays are the same, learning from this website how you should do yours is vital. There are times when the nation requires all of the people who display US flag to flow it at half-staff and also the way one should fold it and you can click this link to know the set guidelines for such situations.