Best offers on slim wine fridges at BODEGA43

When you search for the best deal on a slim tall wine fridge, look at the great prices at BODEGA43. This company specialise in making state of the art wine refrigeration. They pride themselves on being the makers of elegant and helpful wine storage units.

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The Winecooler shop took in the brand BODEGA43. They are considered top of their class when producing low vibration, energy efficiency, and beautiful designs. Their representation of beautiful units can only be described as elegant. In addition, these units come with a warranty and an expert, which is helpful when unwanted faults occur.

These attractive wine fridge prices are for customers who want to invest in a small or ultra-modern, slim wine fridge. These prices range from a lower end to a higher spectrum of the desired wine fridge unit. For example, a small wine fridge is sold at 450 franks. The most elevated quality unit goes for around 2000 franks.

In conclusion, the wine fridges from BODEGA43 are sought after appliances. So do a favour and look at these astounding units and their excellent prices.

Different models available at BODEGA43

The B4312C model

This smaller version of a wine fridge is named the B4312C. Being small in design, this unit does not consider itself less critical in properly preserving speciality wine bottles. This unit stores some wine collections that thrive in a warmer climate.  In addition, it provides a cooler environment for wine that will benefit from such a temperature setting. A  great little unit to start your wine collection. Even your champaign that you are saving for a special occasion.

The B4318C model

This type of wine fridge could be described as a built-in wine cooler. It comes with a capacity to fit up to 18 bottles of wine and is environmentally friendly.  This wine fridge can even be described as appealing to the eye.

That is to keep harmful UV rays away from the wine bottles. And a built-in LED light. This wine fridge would be best suited as a built-in wine cabinet inside a kitchen.

The B4324 model

This beautiful little wine fridge also has the features needed to preserve the most adored wine collections. Such as tinted glass doors protecting the precious liquids inside from UV rays. Which is harmful to the bottles placed inside. This is a demand unit for people who want a wine fridge in their office or can even be used by catering companies because of its portability.

Many other models are designed for various wine lovers’ needs and preferences, from a built-in wine cabinet to a freestanding wine fridge.

The Winecoolershop

The Winecoolershop offers the best of the best for the wine fridge industry. We lire privileged enough to own a wine cellar in the modern age. Thus, the beginning of a significant endeavour.

The Winecoolershop has partnered with a manufacturer called BODEGA43. The Winecoolershop boasts itself in only working with professionals that know what they are doing when it comes down to the intricate part of designing elegant wine fridges.

The units they put their reputation on a need to be supreme compared to others available on the market. The Winecoolershop has also made the shopping experience a pleasant experience for the potential buyer.

In summary, take a look at the Winecoolershop’s website. And considering that they offer a three-year warranty, free exchanges within 60 days, and free delivery, they are a must-see for all wine connoisseurs.