Beginner Tips to Take Care of your Lawn

If you want to have lush and thick turf for your backyard entertainment, you need to know how to care for your lawn. Your lawn is made up of a complex ecosystem of plants, creatures, and soil that work together to make it thrive. You need to know where to focus your attention if you want to have a healthy lawn. Here are some pointers that will help you make that dream lawn a reality.

Know the soil
The fact that most people don’t know is that what happens above the ground is a clear reflection of what’s beneath it. You need to carry out a soil test so as to know the basic components of what you’re working with. It’s very easy to get soil pH from reputable soil laboratories in your locality. Inform the lab you’re testing lawn soil and they’ll even tailor-make recommendations on how to make your lawn thrive. When taking soil samples for testing, remember to include samples from problematic spots separately.

Fix the issues
Once you’ve got the test results, make the recommendations you’ve been given a project. Fix the problems that have been pointed out so as to improve the potential of your lawn. If you’ve been told to restore pH balance, use lime. Repair the bare patches and be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Know the grasses for your area
If you pick the grasses that are best suited for your location, you’ll have a lush lawn. It will also save you maintenance time as well as resources like water and fertilizers. Turfgrasses differ based on the climate, drought tolerance, shade, soil, and other conditions. Most grass seed experts will help you pick the best grass for your region and season. Grasses like Kentucky bluegrass work best with cooler fall and spring temperatures. Bermudagrass does well during the heat and warmer seasons.

Boost the lawn
You can fast track your lawn to have thicker turf using the right lawn feed. It helps your lawn grow to be more sustainable yet beautiful in a shorter time period. Feed your grass well using the right fertilizer based on your soil pH. Also, fight those weeds that come up to choke your grass. They compete with grass for nutrients, water and light so you need to eliminate them in good time. We hope these tips will have you look forward to showcasing the finest lawn possible.