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Tips to Choosing the Right Fluid Dispensing Nozzle

More often, taking a keen look into the smallest aspect of an assembly process is something that can greatly deliver on big returns with regard to the improvement of the manufacturing lead times and throughput. This is inclusive of something small such as going about ensuring that indeed the operators are using the right fluid dispensing nozzle. It is important that you should get to know the different properties of the fluid being dispensed so as to know the right nozzle for the application. The reason for this is that there exist so many types of fluid dispensing nozzles. They exist in such numbers as there are many types of fluids that have different properties that allow them to be used in different applications. Working with the wrong fluid dispensing nozzle is likely to result in an increase in rejects, cycle rates and rework. To therefore choose the right fluid dispensing nozzle for your specific application, below is what you should place to consider before making your selection. The first of these is that whenever you are looking to dispense thin fluids or low-viscosity fluids, it is advisable that you should go with a fluid dispensing nozzle of a small diameter.

This type of fluid dispensing nozzle would be best because of its choke point; a property that would hen allow them to restrict the flow of these fluids making it much easier to control the process. On the other hand, if you are looking to dispense a solvent, then it would be much better for you if you were to settle for a PTFE-coated dispense tip. For this particular fluid dispensing tip, its outer coating is special in such a way that it would prevent the fluid from wicking up the outside of the cannula. As to what this would then do for you is that it would improve the deposit repeatability and accuracy. A great tip to note is that there exists the general-purpose tip which is actually the most common fluid dispensing needle. This generally is the workhorse of the entire group since what it would do for you is dispensed nearly just about any assembly fluid. Note however that just because this type of nozzle would allow you to dispense any fluid, this would not necessarily mean that it would be the most suitable choice for you.

The other major point that you should note is that it is not all fluid dispensing fluids that of equal quality. While a company’s fluid dispensing tips might seem the same as another, you need to always make sure that the company that you would purchase from would be one having a stringent quality inspection process. This would be to ensure that there would be no molding flash or even burrs that would go-ahead to alter the consistency of your fluid deposits or would even go as far as to contaminate your material. Additionally, you should go ahead to make certain that indeed the dispensing components that you are using are designed to work together and to therefore deliver what would be consistent fluid deposits having minimal waste of fluids.

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