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How to Determine the Best Between Above and Below Ground Storm Shelters

In the country, tornadoes have been classified as among some of the most destructive agents to property. They are devastating and those that are strong enough will leave nothing on their path. You need to ensure that you are safe from the tornadoes. What most people have resorted to today is building homes with storm shelters. If a tornado is on the way, you will get in them for safety. For the storm shelters, you should decide on the best between the above-ground and the below-ground storm shelters. Assessing the two is essential as they will all have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the things that help you know the best between above ground and underground storm shelters.

For a long, people have thought that the above-ground storm shelters were not better compared to the below ground. If you know more about the twisters, you will understand why it is wrong to say that the above ground shelters are not safe. The stronger the tornado, the more the damage it will cause. The center of the tornado does not suck anything. The rising air that causes twisting is what leads to the lifting of the building. For a building to be lifted by the tornado, it needs the wind to break and pass below it. You should read more about how the tornadoes work so that you can understand how to be safe. A lot of tornado resistant structures are possible.

The below ground storm shelters are safer for your family. Below ground storm shelters are protected from the damage of the tornadoes. You can choose to build one in your house or away from the house. One of the best spots to have it in your house is in the garage. The ease of access of the outdoor below ground storm shelters is vital for you. It will ensure that you can get in them before the storm catches up with you. They also need to ensure that you keep updated with the weather so that you can know if the tornado will be accompanied by hail or rains. It will help you prepare for the storm. Discover how you can prevent water from getting into your below ground storm shelter as it can be dangerous. It is necessary to ensure that you are not trapped in the below ground storm shelter by creating an escape way.

When you consider improving your home, you need to make a smart choice on storm shelters.