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japanese gardenI like the parks and gardens in my hometown, however the zen-like environment in the Japanese backyard area of the general public park called Planten un Blomen” (translates into plants and flowers”) is something special. Karesansui gardens (枯山水) or Japanese rock gardens , became in style in Japan in the 14th century thanks to the work of a Buddhist monk, Musō Soseki (1275-1351) who constructed zen gardens on the 5 main monasteries in Kyoto. Current house inside the Portland Japanese Garden was used to create a brand new Cultural Village together with galleries, a multipurpose room, a library and a present store.

These are of Chinese origin and there are only a few in evidence in Japanese gardens. The e-switch address is data@saltspringjapanesegarden. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington in 1911, the construction is comprised of several Japanese woods, with paneled doors to the outside could be left open or closed to allow inhabitants to enjoy the gardens round them.

Rocks and water also symbolize yin and yang , (in and yō in Japanese) in Buddhist philosophy; the exhausting rock and comfortable water complement each other, and water, though gentle, can wear away rock. Bonseki – the artwork of creating landscapes with stones and sand on black lacquered trays as a type of decoration, and bonsai – the cultivation of miniature trees, are other features of the artwork of Japanese gardening.

These gardens have white sand or raked gravel rather than water, rigorously organized rocks, and sometimes rocks and sand lined with moss. The Japanese garden in Mobile is a great venue to deliver folks of various heritages and cultural backgrounds together.

The fantastic thing about nature can be celebrated by the garden’s weathered stones, thatched roofs, wood bridges and bamboo fences, whose easy varieties and textures echo the encircling plantings. In keeping with custom, during the Momoyama period they were launched to the tea garden by the first great tea masters, and in later gardens they had been used purely for adornment.